YouTube Silver Creator Award Unboxing - 100,000 subscribers Play Button

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the Woodward English YouTube channel.

We recently passed the major milestone of having over 100,000 subscribers which for me is a big deal.

We are almost in the top 100 YouTube channels in New Zealand.
The fact there are only 101 channels in the entire country is not relevant. (Just kidding)

Even though we have so many subscribers, yes, it is still easy to read all of the comments you make and many times I reply to them or at least leave a like.

Unboxing of the YouTube Silver Creator Award

This is the official unboxing of the YouTube Silver Creator Award for Woodward English. It is also known as the YouTube PLAY button. I had a lot of fun creating this video. It was great to be able to show my strange sense of humour while giving my weird and wonderful non-serious thoughts about all of the things that appear in the letter (from YouTube CEO Susan W) and then during the unboxing of the award.

The YouTube Silver Creator Award is given to channels with over 100,000 subscribers … so it’s not like I did anything amazing or special, just passed a number, still a large number, of subscribers. Fortunately it is not based on my (terrible) acting otherwise I would be waiting indefinitely for it.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our channel… YOU ARE AWESOME!

Rob W.

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