A LIVE English lesson about GET.

The word GET is used A LOT in English and in this live lesson we are going to learn 20 common expressions with GET including what they mean (their definitions) and example sentences.

The uses of GET in English that we will look at in this lesson include:

  • Get lost
  • Get on like a house on fire
  • Get a pay rise Get fired
  • Get out of bed on the wrong side
  • Get off my back
  • Get on someone’s nerves
  • Get a life
  • A get-together
  • Got it!
  • Get going
  • Get your act together
  • Get to grips with
  • Get cold feet
  • Don’t get me wrong
  • Get back to someone
  • Get something off your chest
  • Get your foot in the door
  • Get to the bottom of something
  • Get the hang of something

This is your opportunity to improve your English and learn some new ways to use GET as well as practice your English in the LIVE chat.

This lesson is aimed at students who have an intermediate (or higher) level of English.

Your English teacher today is Rob Woodward from New Zealand.

Come and join us and participate in the live chat!

20 expressions with GET in English - Live English Lesson

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