I am currently working on our next video about prepositions of time AT, ON and IN.

We already have a page with grammar notes about these prepositions of time, though I noticed the chart that is there was one of the first ones that I created… which means it is a little outdated and without the usual soft colors I currently use (the old chart has solid shades of green). Note, it is still useful… just, um, ugly and not printer-friendly!

So I created this chart about AT, ON, IN with parts of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, night) since a common mistake is using IN with night. You can say…

IN the morning, IN the afternoon, IN the evening…. BUT …
we say AT night and NOT in the night.

Here is the NEW summary chart

AT, ON, IN with parts of the day - Prepositions of Time in English.

You are probably wondering why I have missed many other uses of AT, ON, IN with time. Well, this is just the first chart. There will be more coming about these prepositions.

Now, back to creating the video…

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