Business or Busyness

Business OR Busyness

A common mistake amongst English students is the spelling of Business.
Bussyness, bizness, buziness, bussiness and bussnis are just some of the spellings I’ve seen!

To remember, think – business is full of busy-ness (busi-ness)!
Busy = have a lot to do, occupied with many things.

Of course it’s spelt nothing like how it’s said and is pronounced biz-nis!

What is the difference between Business and Busyness

Business = commerce, the activity of buying and/or selling something to make money
Busyness = the state of being busy with many things to do


Be careful of the pronunciation of the following two words:
Business (biz-nis two syllables)
Busyness (biz-e-nis three syllables)


Remember, there are some adjectives where if you add -ness to the end, it will become a noun.
Noun – Adjective
Sad – Sadness
Happy – Happiness (Be careful, the Y changes to an I)
Crazy – Craziness (Be careful, the Y changes to an I)
Busy – Busyness

Do you sometimes have problems spelling these words?


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