LIVE English lesson on YouTube

A LIVE English lesson on YouTube with Rob Woodward from Woodward English… coming soon!
(See your local time and date on the video)

Today we will be playing a game called THE CORRECT WORD. This is an error analysis activity.
Can you get 30 out of 30 correct?

A sentence will appear on the screen which MAY or MAY NOT be correct because of one word in it.
The student/viewer needs to write/say whether the sentence is correct or not.
If the sentence is NOT correct, they also need to say WHY it is not correct and give the correct word.

Today’s lesson is ideal for English students who need more practice writing and speaking correctly.
I have used this exact activity in class many times. Students find it useful to reinforce correct English use and to help avoid common mistakes.

This is your opportunity to improve your English and learn some new vocabulary and grammar.
Come and join us and participate in the live chat!

The Correct Word - Learn English Grammar and Vocabulary Game - LIVE on YouTube

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