Desert the dessert in the desert

Desert the dessert in the desert!

Desert can be a verb and a noun though with two completely different meanings.
To Desert means to leave without intending to return. It can also mean to abandon.
A Desert is a dry place which receives very little rainfall.

The verb is pronounced with the stress on ‘sert’- desert
The noun is pronounced with the emphasis on ‘de’- desert.

To make things more complicated the word dessert which is a noun with yet another meaning.
Dessert is a synonym of pudding, or a sweet meal eaten after dinner.
It’s pronounced the same as the verb To Desert!
Dessert and To Desert are homophones.
A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning.

How would you say…
Desert the dessert in the desert
The desert was full of deserted desserts.

Listen to the Pronunciation:

Have you ever been in a desert?
Have you ever deserted someone?
What is your favourite dessert?


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