A teacher on our Facebook page asked if we had any charts about the difference between Do, Does, Did and Done. Well, we didn’t so I decided to make a couple and then got carried away and created some grammar pages and games to accompany them too. Here they are:

Making questions with DO and DOES

Our grammar notes about Do and Does are here: www.grammar.cl/Present/Do_Does.htm
(You will find that page also includes a free downloadable PDF with exercises about Do vs Does – the answers are also on our website)

Once you feel comfortable with the grammar rules, you might want to try this game: www.grammar.cl/Games/Do_Does.htm
(Choose DO or DOES to complete the question)

How to make questions in English with Do and Does.

The difference between DO, DOES, DID and DONE in English

The second chart we have is about the different between Do, Does, Did and Done.

You can find our grammar page about it (with more examples) here: www.grammar.cl/english/do-does-did-done.htm

Again, once you are ready, try this game: www.grammar.cl/english-games/do-does-did-done.htm
(Choose DO, DOES, DID or DONE to complete the sentence or question)

The difference between Do, Does, Did and Done in English - Grammar Chart

I hope you find these useful.

Have a great day!

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