Egg Vocabulary – 7 words associated with eggs


eggshell (noun): the thin, hard, outer layer of an egg.

Example sentence with eggshell:

  • I peeled the eggshell from the hard-boiled egg.


yolk (noun): the round yellow part in the middle of an egg.

Example sentence with yolk:

  • I like my eggs lightly cooked so that the yolk is still runny.

(Notice how the L is silent in the word yolk)

Egg white

egg white (noun): the clear liquid of an egg. When it is cooked, it turns white.

Example sentence with egg white:

  • Meringue is a sweet ingredient made from whipped egg white and sugar.


hard-boiled (adjective): to boil an egg until the egg white and the yolk become solid.

Example sentence with hard-boiled:

  • I made some hard-boiled eggs for our picnic.

Scrambled eggs

scrambled egg(s) (noun): a dish prepared by mixing the white and yellow parts of an egg together while heating them.

Example sentence with scrambled eggs:

  • I usually have scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast on Sundays.


dozen (noun): a group or set of twelve of the same thing

Example sentence with dozen:

  • I bought a dozen eggs when I was at the supermarket.
  • He bought a dozen roses for his wife.


free-range (adjective): a system of farming in which animals are kept in natural conditions and can move around freely. They are not in cages.

Example sentence with free-range:

  • I bought a tray of free-range eggs from the farmer.

Summary chart

Egg vocabulary in English - eggshell, yolk, egg white, free-range, scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, dozen.

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