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English Error Analysis 4

This sentence is not correct:

  • I don’t have some milk in the fridge.

Write the sentence correctly.

What is the answer?

This video will help you with your answer:

You can also see our English lesson about the difference between A, AN, SOME and ANY which will help you correct this common mistake in English.

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English Teacher Resources

This error analysis activity is part of a set of 50 which have been grouped together in one PDF resource. This resource can be used in your ESOL classroom as a warm-up at the start of the class, as a filler activity (giving each chart out one at time for fast finishers) or as a complete lesson. This PDF resource also has answers so it can also be used by parents at home with their children.

This ESOL resource can be purchased here: ESOL Error Analysis Flash Cards / Worksheets – Set 1 – 50 sentences
(All proceeds allow me to create more free resources on YouTube and our websites)

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