How can you improve your English by reading?

Do you need to improve your English?
How can reading help you on your language learning journey?

This week we have a LIVE English lesson on YouTube to answer these questions with our special guest: DELA MARTIN.
Both Rob Woodward and Dela Martin will be giving a LIVE lesson on how to improve your English by reading.
(See the countdown on the video to see your local time)

Some of the topics we will be covering LIVE ON YOUTUBE include:

🌿 Why is it important to read in English?
🌿 How can reading increase your English vocabulary?
🌿 What reading strategies can you use to improve your vocabulary?
🌿 What should you do when you don’t understand a word in English?
🌿 Should you write notes while you are reading? Why?
🌿 Why should you take breaks while you are reading in English?
🌿 What type of books should I read to learn English?
🌿 What is well-rounded exposure and how can it help?
🌿 Should English learners read Shakespeare? Why not?
🌿 What is Young Adult Fiction? Is it any good?
🌿 Don’t judge a book by its cover – What does it mean?
🌿 What happens if I find a book boring? Should I finish it anyway?
🌿 Is reading a lonely way to learn English?
🌿 What is a book club?
🌿 How can a book club help?
🌿 Does reading English out loud help?
🌿 Reading books vs. Audio Books – How are they different?
🌿 Does it help doing both at the same time?

How to improve your English by reading - LIVE English lesson on YouTube by Woodward English

Now I would like YOU to answer these questions:

📚 When do you like to read?
📚 What’s the best place to read for you?
📚 Do you have a comfort book that you like to return to?
📚 What is one of the first books you remember reading?
📚 Do you have a favorite quote from a book?

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