Hyperbole - The most fantastic thing on Earth

Hyperbole: The Most Fantastic Thing on Earth

Has your mother ever screamed at you:

– I’ve told you a thousand times not to do that!

The above sentence is an example of hyperbole.

Hyperbole is when you exaggerate something to make a point and is not meant to be taken literally. In the example above it is very unlikely that you were told not to do it 1000 times. Maybe a lot of times but not a thousand.

– That man is the most boring person in the world!

Does that mean that the person who said the above has done a survey of everyone on earth and found the most boring person? Of course not, they are just exaggerating to make a point – the man is extremely boring. Superlatives are often used in Hyperbole.

Think about:

  • He’s got tons of money
  • I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!
  • You’re always doing that!

What do they mean? When would you use them?


When have you used hyperbole before?



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