Common Mistakes in English

Landscape vs Scenery difference

When people describe the outdoors they sometimes use landscape and scenery incorrectly.

We use the word landscape to talk about the view or a large expanse of a particular area and how it is arranged or positioned.
We can also use the term urban landscape to talk about the same thing but of an urban scene.

  • I took many pictures of the landscape of the Lake District.
  • Old buildings dominated the landscape.
  • New Zealand has such a varied landscape.

When we want to talk about the natural features of a particular area that we can see, we use the word scenery. Scenery is normally natural beauty.

  • The scenery was absolutely beautiful.

You will almost never hear scenery used in a negative way.

  • The scenery was ugly.

Landscape is a countable noun (usually singular)
Scenery is an uncountable noun

Scenery of a Stage

Scenery also has another meaning. It is the painted background of a stage (where a play is performed).

Scenery vs Nature

A common mistake is to use nature in place of scenery.
We only use the word nature to talk about the general world of animals and plants in their natural form.

  • I love watching nature documentaries on the TV


Where have you been that has beautiful scenery?
What is the landscape of your country like?
Do you enjoy nature?



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