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One of the most important things about learning English (or any language) is to be consistent.
It is best to learn a little every day than try and learn a lot in one day and nothing over the next ones.

The more frequently you have contact with English, the quicker you will learn.

To help you keep in touch with English every day, we have created this blog as a part of this website to help you improve your English.


NOTE: We will not been publishing articles as frequently as mentioned below as we are currently using a lot of the material we create for a new online course which should be ready by the end of 2017.


As of Monday 6th of June 2011 we have been publishing the following:

Monday: English Proverbs & Quotes
Common Proverbs in English as well as famous quotes to inspire you and to learn from.

Tuesday: Common Mistakes in English
These are the typical mistakes students make when they are learning English, how to avoid them and why.

Wednesday: English Jokes and Fun
Funny jokes in English, cartoons and things that will make you laugh as you learn English. Of course we will try to explain why it is funny.

Thursday: Idiomatic Expressions in English
There are many idiomatic expressions in English. Here we will help you learn these idioms by adding a new one every week with an explanation of what it means including examples of it. We will also include some phrasal verbs.

Friday: Stories, Articles & Learning Tips
Anything can happen on Friday including short Stories, articles and texts to read in English as well as the occasional surprise. They contain a lot of vocabulary to help you learn the language and every now and then we will also write about tips that will help you learn English.

So we hope that these will help you keep in touch with English every day.
Remember you can also follow our English Word of the Day on Twitter.
Hope you enjoy them!

Rob W.


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