Rob W. from Woodward English will be joining 20 teachers from around the world in the following online English learning event. Learn English Together Event 2022 - Discover your path to English fluency - Presentations by 21 International Teachers

Learn English Together 2022

Learn English Together 2022 Discover your path to English fluency Thursday, 23rd June 2022 Friday, 24th June 2022 Saturday, 25th June 2022

The journey to fluency is different for everyone and the presentations by 21 international teachers will help guide you on this journey.


This event is hosted ONLINE so you can join from anywhere in the world with access to internet. FREE tickets to this event are available here: (No longer available)


Over three days, 21 teachers will be giving presentations that will help you on your path to fluency. Presentations will be around 25-30 minutes in length and will be available for 72 hours. Why 72 hours? To encourage you to stop waiting for the right time to learn and take immediate action NOW.


An ALL ACCESS PASS is also available once you have registered. The ALL ACCESS PASS gives you access to all presentations for 1 YEAR. As a bonus, there are cool gifts and discounts from our speakers valued at over $500. Some of the ALL ACCESS PASS gifts and resources include:

  • Woodward English PDF resource pack (Reading worksheets, flashcards and activities)
  • Free one-hour speaking lesson from Dream On ELC.
  • Free one-hour session in a conversation club with The Language Circle
  • Three-week trial to the Sisters Speaking Transformation with Jo Moir
  • Monthly pass to Communication Confidence Group Sessions
  • Free access to a Learn Smarter Workshop with Lisa Wood
  • Free access to a Connect with your Feelings English workshop with Bekah from English Everyday.
  • Free e-book: Interview in English – Get your dream job in the English-speaking workplace by James Levin
  • Phonics learning videos and interactive worksheets from Take Flight Phonics
  • Downloadable songs and picture books from Yorkshire English Service
  • Downloadable games and puzzles package from Giggles English
  • Discount on courses and more!

FREE tickets to the event are available here: (No longer available) The ALL ACCESS PASS to the event is available here: (No longer available) (Affiliate link – I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase. This help me to continue creating more awesome content.) The All Access Pass is available now for $30 until 22nd June 2022. The All Access Pass will be $50 from 23rd June until 30th June.

Speakers & Topics

There are 21 speakers covering a variety of topics:

  • Christine Ishii – Kids2Kids Finding and Sharing Your Spark!
  • Dela Martin – Dela Teaches Reading Know-How in English
  • Anna Karwowska – Polca Languages A practical guide to boosting your English. Cognitive science put to action
  • Bekah Bottone – English Everyday What is Tapping? Connect with yourself and practice English at the same time
  • Lori Piper Baker – Lori’s Language Lab Are We There Yet?
  • James Levin – English Arrow No one can teach you to be fluent
  • Yoko Reynolds – Global Mom to Mom Building your own English-speaking community
  • Marama Carmicheal Kishimoto – Giggles English Learning English is fun! – learn English through games, quizzes, songs and videos.
  • Roxana Arean – Dream on ELC How do I get fluent in English? A view from neuroscience
  • Clare Whitmell – English at Home How To Get Confident In English
  • Maria Gabriella Aguirre – Growing Up – Creciendo Juntos – English Program Yes, you can! – Helping your children become bilingual!
  • Jonathan Huggins – Huggins International Daily Speaking Practice is the Key to Fluency
  • Rebecca Tomlinson – Yorkshire English Service Five ways to help your children to speak English
  • Audrey Smith – English on the Run Being unstoppable in English – the 4 pillars for success
  • Rob Woodward – Woodward English 10 ways to learn English without leaving the house
  • Rocio Rojas M – The Language Circle From zero to fluent: How to finish what you started
  • Jordana Matsuda – Heron Kids Tokyo/Take Flight Phonics What are phonics and why your child should learn them
  • Lisa Wood – Your English Self The Fluency Puzzle: 4 things you need to improve your fluency
  • Karina Pearl Thorne – Share Your Story with Confidence Towards Creative Fluency
  • Jo Moir – Sisters Speaking Transformation Stuck for words? How to activate your vocabulary.
  • Abigail Fulbrook – English with Abigail Why Making Friends is the secret to learning

FREE tickets to the event are available here: (No longer available)

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