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Catfish joke in English with vocabulary and an explanation of why it is funny.

The Catfish Joke

Vocabulary Catfish – (noun) a species of fish. To fish – (verb) to try and catch/hunt for fish, usually with a fishing rod. Rod – (noun) the pole/stick that has a (nylon) line and hook to catch fish. Rod is a short way of saying  fishing rod. The joke Fisherman A: Have you ever seen […]

English Grammar Horror Movie Trailer - What do English students fear the most?

English Grammar – Horror Movie

Right now I am in the process of creating videos for people to learn English for free. By creating I mean I am in the first creative stages of writing scripts and learning how to make videos using Adobe Premiere and After Effects (note: the following trailer was made using iMovie). This is something I have wanted […]

A cartoon about Your vs You're

Your vs You’re Cartoon

It seems that nowadays people spend more and more time in front of a TV instead of reading. Of course this usually results in people not visually seeing words and learning (or remembering/reinforcing) their correct spelling. It’s also means that their vocabulary is a lot lower than those who read frequently. And this is not […]

A joke in English about the nationality of Santa Claus

Nationality of Santa Claus

English Vocabulary The North Pole = the northernmost point on Earth (also the home of Santa Claus) Polish = the name of the people from Poland Santa Claus = the man with a white beard and a red suit that delivers Christmas presents The Joke Question: What nationality is Santa Claus? Answer: North Polish. Why is […]

Advanced English

Irony and Ironic Statements

Irony and Ironic Statements Irony is a technique used in English to emphasise a point using the opposite (or deeper) meaning of something. It can be used in many situations but most often it is used to be comical. For example: The world’s full of apathy, but I don’t care. Apathy is the state of […]

Winter in England

Winter in England

Winter in England Well, winter has arrived in Santiago and it reminds me of winter in England, especially when I was a child. Many people have a romantic idea of what winter in England is like: snow covered rolling hills, small robins (birds with red chests) chirping on a red post box, rosy-cheeked kids breathing […]