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A chart with photos of Vegetables with the names of each one in English

Fruit and Vegetables in English

We have just created two new charts containing photos of Fruit and Vegetables. Each photo has the name of that fruit/vegetable in English under it. UPDATE (2015) We now have a video to help you learn the pronunciation of the vegetables that appear in the chart (we also show the vegetables that have a different […]

Couch Potato - Meaning of this English Idiom

Couch Potato – English Idiom Meaning

Meaning of Couch Potato A couch potato is a person who spends a lot of time watching television with little or no physical activity. They can do this either sitting or lying down on a couch (or sofa) or even sitting in an armchair. The idea is that they don’t move very much and a […]

English Joke of the Week

Bean Soup Joke in English

The Joke Customer: Waiter, what do you call this soup? Waiter: It’s bean soup, sir. Customer: I don’t care what it’s been. What is it now?       Vocabulary Bean (noun) = a common vegetable To call (verb) = to name Soup = cooked food in a liquid form Been = Past participle of […]