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The difference between a hurricane, a typhoon, and a cyclone - English Vocabulary

Hurricane, Typhoon, Cyclone – What is the difference?

With so much talk about Hurricanes in the news lately with Hurricane Irma causing serious problems in the Caribbean and the State of Florida (U.S.), I thought I would answer this question… What is the difference between a Hurricane, a Typhoon, and a Cyclone? A hurricane, a typhoon, and a cyclone are essentially the same […]

The meaning of the English idiom - Under the Weather - with example sentences.

Under the weather – idiom

The meaning of under the weather When someone is under the weather, it means that the person: is slightly ill. feels a little sick. doesn’t feel well. Sometimes the person’s (body) defences are low and they feel tired or exhausted too. Under the weather can also refer to a person being intoxicated or even a little sad or depressed. […]

It's raining cats and dogs - English idiom meaning

It’s raining cats and dogs

You may have heard the expression “It’s raining cats and dogs” and wondered what it means. When someone uses this English idiom, it means that it is raining very heavily. That there is a downpour (heavy rain). Oh course it has nothing to do with cats, dogs or any other animal falling from the sky. […]

Winter in England

Winter in England

Winter in England Well, winter has arrived in Santiago and it reminds me of winter in England, especially when I was a child. Many people have a romantic idea of what winter in England is like: snow covered rolling hills, small robins (birds with red chests) chirping on a red post box, rosy-cheeked kids breathing […]