IELTS Listening Test

The IELTS listening section is the same for both the Academic Version and the General Training Version of the test.

The IELTS listening test is divided into four different sections spoken by native speakers.

You will need to answers questions based on what you hear. This includes detailed information, facts and your ability to understand opinions of speakers.
You will hear a variety of voices and accents from native-speakers.
Your answers must be written in pencil.
You will hear each recording only once.
If for some reason you cannot hear the audio clearly, let one of the staff members know immediately.

The following is what you will normally hear in each section (sometimes the order may change)

Section 1

A general conversation between two people set in an everyday social context. This could be at a hotel reception, at a travel agency, an accommodation rental office etc.

Section 2

A monologue set in an everyday social context. This could be a speech about a university campus, local facilities or someone talking about their job.

Section 3

A conversation between two, three or four people set in an educational or training context. This could be a university tutor and a student discussing an assignment or even students talking about their courses they will take next semester.

Section 4

A monologue on an academic subject. This is similar to a university lecture or someone speaking at a seminar.

What type of questions appear in the IELTS Listening Test?

Different types of questions that may appear on your IELTS listening test paper are:

  • Multiple choice questions (Choose A, B, C o D).
  • Complete a table
  • Write labels on a map or plan.
  • Give short answers to questions (normally no more than three words)
  • Complete a diagram or flow-chart
  • Complete a form (application form, survey etc)


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