Rob Woodward will be doing a LIVE English lesson on YouTube.

Today’s topic is… To Be – Error Analysis.
This is an Error Analysis activity using TO BE in the Present Simple Tense.

A sentence (or a question) will appear on the screen which is not grammatically correct. These are simple sentences with up to six words including the verb TO BE in the present simple tense. The student/viewer needs to write that sentence again correctly.

Today’s lesson is ideal for lower level English students who need more practice with TO BE (affirmative sentences, negative sentences and questions).
I have used this activity in class many times and even lower intermediate students find it useful to reinforce correct grammar use and to help avoid common mistakes.

This is your opportunity to practice English and learn some new vocabulary and grammar. Come and join us for a relaxing chat!

LIVE ON YOUTUBE – Basic English Grammar Game
Error Analysis – TO BE – Present Simple Tense
Come and join us!
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Live English on YouTube - Error Analysis Game - TO BE - Present Simple Tense

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