List of numbers from 1 to 100 in English

We created this chart so that you can use it as a quick reference guide whenever you are writing numbers.

Remember that you need to use a hyphen (-) to join the two parts of numbers between 21 and 99.
(Though native speakers sometimes leave it out because they don’t realize it is needed)

You will notice I added some of the larger numbers too (hundred, thousand, million).
I recommend reading about the difference between million and millions and when you should (and should NOT) put an S at the end of the word. This same rules apply when talking about hundreds and thousands so make sure you know about it.

We have written more details about all numbers in English, both cardinal and ordinal numbers, as well as Fractions and Decimals here: Numbers in English

If you would like to practice these numbers then try the following games:

We also have a page about how to say telephone numbers in English.

ESL / ELL Video

Listen to the pronunciation of the numbers from 1 to 100:

English Teacher Resource

We have created a version of this numbers chart that ESL / ELA Teachers can print and use in class (and parents with their kids). There is a large one page version and a version with two per page. Our logo appears much smaller and I have removed the websites at the bottom. You can find it by clicking on the image below:

Numbers from 1 to 100 in English - ESL/ELA Teacher Resource.

Did you know we also have we also have a version of this chart with the numbers in Spanish?

I hope you find this useful.

Have a great day!

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