Advanced English - Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is more than just a fun word to say (it’s pronounced On – Na – Mat – Oh – Pee – Ah), it’s the name given to words that are pronounced like the noise they describe.

For example, when someone gets in your way while driving your car you might honk your horn. Honk is an example of onomatopoeia – it is the noise your car horn makes when you press it.

Of course if they don’t get out your way you might crash into them, which would cause a huge bang. Bang and crash are both examples of onomatopoeia – the word is pronounced exactly like the noise they represent!

Here are some more onomatopoeic words. Even if you don’t know what they mean can you guess the meaning from the sound they make when you say them?

hiccup, zoom, beep, splash, vroom, zap, quack, bark, roar, cuckoo, meow

What other examples of onomatopoeia can you think of?
Do you have words like these in your native language?



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