Mouth Vocabulary – 7 words associated with the mouth

Tooth / Teeth

Tooth (singular) – Teeth (plural)
The plural of tooth is teeth.

tooth (noun): The hard white structures in the mouth that are used for biting and chewing food.

Example sentence with teeth:

  • He brushes his teeth after every meal.


tongue (noun): The muscular organ in a mouth that is used for tasting, licking, and for articulating speech in humans.

Example sentence with tongue:

  • It is rude to stick your tongue out at people.


gum (noun): The firm area of flesh in the mouth to which the teeth are attached.

Example sentence with gums:

  • His gums bleed a little whenever he brushes his teeth.


cheek (noun): Either side of the face below the eye. It can refer to the outside or inside part.

Example sentence with cheek:

  • She kissed her baby on the cheek.


saliva (noun): The liquid produced in your mouth that helps you to swallow food.

Example sentence with saliva:

  • Saliva rolled down his cheek while he was sleeping.


palate (noun): The top part of the inside of the mouth. This is commonly referred to as the roof of the mouth.

Example sentence with palate:

  • I burnt my palate with the hot soup.


lips (noun): The soft edges at the opening of the mouth

Example sentence with lips:

  • She put some red lipstick on her lips.

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Parts of the mouth in English - Vocabulary

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