Beautiful Handsome Pretty Ugly

Beautiful Women and Handsome Men

Did you know that there are over 170,000 words in the English language and over 25% of them are adjectives? (Adjectives are used for descriptions)

A common mistake with adjectives is when describing people.
To describe a woman we could call her beautiful or pretty but we don’t call a man this – we would have to call him handsome.

To call a man pretty is a bit of an insult! It means they are good looking, but they look like a girl!
(Some might accuse Justin Bieber of being pretty!)

And what’s the opposite of beautiful or pretty?
Ugly, which can be used for men and women.

Here are some more words which are synonyms of beautiful or ugly.

Attractive – Butt Ugly – Cute – Eye catching – Foxy – Fugly – Gorgeous – Good looking – Hideous – Hot – Revolting – Striking – Stunning – Unattractive

In what situations would each word be used? Are they formal or informal?
Do they describe men or women or both?

Which of these have you been called before?



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