Below is another chart we have created, this time about different Jobs, Professions and Occupations.

One activity you can do using this chart is say what a person does in each profession. You can do this by asking the question What does a/an X do?

For example: What does a lawyer do? – A lawyer defends people in court and gives legal advice.

If you find yourself having difficulty, check out our list of professions with an explanation of what each one is and what they do.

One you have learned this vocabulary you might want to try our hangman game using different jobs and professions and then after try our multiple choice game with a job description and you have to choose the correct job it describes from the alternatives.

Professions, Jobs and Occupations in English
See the following page if you are not sure about the difference between Profession and Occupation in English.

We also have this video about using TO BE + Profession:

What is your job and what do you do in your job?


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