Woodward English Quote

Keep in mind that even if you’re on the right track, you can still be left behind if you just sit there.



To keep in mind – Remember; Keep something in your thoughts. Don’t forget about something
To be on the right track – to be heading, or going, in the correct direction (on the path of life).
To be left behind – to remain after the departure of others; similar to fall behind.

Thoughts on the Quote

The purpose of this quote is to motivate you to stay focused so that you will achieve your goals. There are many people who set out to do something great with their lives, but they inevitably get sidetracked (lose their focus), lose interest, or procrastinate too long, thus never achieving their goals.

To accomplish feats in life, you must not only make the initial steps to achieve your goals, you must also continue to pursue those goals. When we get lazy or comfortable in our lives, we can give up actively pursuing our dreams. If we do this for too long, we may altogether lose the opportunity to achieve those dreams.

Summary of quote: Stay motivated and keep going!

Is there a goal that you have not been actively pursuing? What is it?



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