ED Pronunciation in English – Cut and Paste Activity


ED Pronunciation – Cut and Paste Activity
(Sounds of ED)
ESL/ELL Teacher Resource


Pronunciation of ED in English – Sounds of ED – Cut and Paste Activity

The objective of this activity is to learn the sounds of ED at the end of words in English.

There is a list of words ending in -ED. Students need to cut out each word and then paste/glue them in the correct column according to the sound of the final ED each word has.

One activity has 15 words with the cut and paste activity happening on the same page.
The second activity has 30 words on one page which need to by cut and pasted into their correct columns on a separate page. The ED words in both activities are different.

Also, there are two versions of both activities:
One where the three columns are headed with T, D, and ID;
The second version also with three columns though headed with T, D, and ED.
Notice how the only difference is ID or ED being written differently in the final column. This is because some teachers use ED at lower levels instead of the normal ID.

A teacher answer key has been created which can also be used by students to check their own work. This makes it ideal as a literary center activity.

This resource is ideal for ESL/ELL students to help them sound more like a native speaker when it comes to saying words that end in ED (accent reduction).

I have created a pronunciation video on YouTube about this topic: ED pronunciation in English – How to pronounce ED endings (Suitable for the classroom).

CONTENT: This resource contains 7 Pages:

  • Pronunciation of ED – 15 words – Full border – (1 page)
  • Pronunciation of ED – 15 words – Border only around Pasting area – (1 page)
  • Pronunciation of ED – 30 words – Pasting worksheet (1 page)
  • Pronunciation of ED – 30 words – Cutting worksheet (1 page)
  • Pronunciation of ED – Teacher Answers – (3 pages)

* There are an additional 7 pages using the ED version for a column instead of ID as mentioned previously (7 pages). The rest of the activity is exactly the same.

LEVEL: (Pre-) Intermediate (CEFR – B1 Level)
AGE: 7+
Format: .PDF

Una actividad de cortar y pegar palabras que terminan en ED en inglés en la columna correcta de acuerdo a su pronunciación.

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