Halloween QUIZ – English Task Cards



Halloween Task Cards in English

30 Task cards to practice English about the topic of Halloween.
Some questions are about vocabulary, some about spelling and also general knowledge.

Questions 1-20 The first 20 quizzes are multiple choice questions (with 4 alternatives)
e.g. What do children wear for Halloween?
a) custom b) custome c) costum d) costume

Questions 21-27 are open questions without possible answers.
e.g. What is the name of a carved pumpkin? (Includes a cartoon of some Jack-o’-lanterns)

Questions 28-30 each ask to name three things (name 3 monsters, 3 horror movies, 3 things you would find in a haunted house)

There are two sizes of these task cards:

  • 1 LARGE quiz per page.
  • 6 SMALLER versions per page with cutting lines around them.

We have included a blank answer sheet where students can write their answers.

Answers for Teachers / Parents ✅
We have included an answer sheet which students can use to check their own work or as a reference guide for teachers / parents. Note, the last three questions will need to be checked by the teacher as all answers will vary.


The Printable PDF Version of this resource includes:

  • Halloween QUIZ – 1 LARGE quiz per page – (30 pages)
  • Halloween QUIZ – 6 quizzes per page – (5 pages)
  • Halloween QUIZ – blank answer sheet – (1 page)
  • Halloween QUIZ – answers – (1 page)

This printable PDF version is available immediately upon purchase.


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Have an awesome day!
– Rob Woodward
Woodward Education

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