Prepositions of Time – AT, ON, IN – Task Cards


ESL/ELL Task cards to practice the prepositions of time AT, ON and IN in English.


Prepositions of Time – AT, ON and IN – ESL/ELL Task Cards

32 multiple choice task cards to reinforce the correct use of the prepositions of time AT, ON and IN in English.

There are two version of these task cards. The first version is with the answer options in big colorful bubbles. The second version is with the classic green answer options. See the preview to see the different styles of task card.

There is an answer sheet for students as well as an answer key where students can check their own answers.
NOTE: There are two versions of the answer sheet due to the differences between American English and British English. The last two task cards (31 & 32) have different answers depending on the region. For example: AT the weekend vs. ON the weekend and ON Thanksgiving vs. AT Thanksgiving. You choose which is more appropriate for your class.

See our video on YouTube to complement this topic: Prepositions of Time: AT, ON, IN (Suitable for the classroom)

CONTENT: This resource contains 19 Pages:

  • Prepositions of Time – Task Cards – Big Bubbles version (8 pages)
  • Prepositions of Time – Task Cards – Classic version (8 pages)
  • Student Answer Sheet – (1 page)
  • Answers for Teachers – American English version (1 page)
  • Answers for Teachers – British English version (1 page)

LEVEL: Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate (CEFR – B1 Level) – Or Grade 4+
AGE: 8+
Format: .PDF

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Tarjetas para practicar las preposiciones de tiempo AT, ON, IN en inglés.

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