As I mentioned on social media, I spent two months back in my home country of New Zealand. (If you don’t already follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you really should because I publish things multiple times a week)

Not only did I have a good time catching up with friends and family, but I also took many photos of different signs in English to use them in future charts and articles here.

Seagulls steal food sign at a cafe in New Zealand. Includes English vocabulary meaning.

Well, here is a chart based on a photo I took in New Zealand. It was taken at a cafe near the beach at Mount Maunganui.

Birds in New Zealand are usually very friendly, out of convenience, as they are only interested in you giving them some bread or other scraps of food. The exception is the Kea, which is known for eating parts of your car, seriously, they do that. The other bird which is not at all cute, just generally annoying, is the seagull.

So apparently at this cafe you need to keep an eye on what is on your plate, otherwise the seagulls will come along and steal it.


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