STARE and STEER are two different words in English, and they have distinct meanings and uses.

Stare – Meaning and Example Sentences

Definition: To stare means to look or gaze fixedly and intently at something or someone.

Usage: You might stare at an interesting painting, stare at someone in surprise, or stare into space while lost in thought.

Example sentences with STARE:

  • She couldn’t help but stare at the mesmerizing fireworks lighting up the night sky.
  • When the teacher caught him cheating, he avoided eye contact and continued to stare at his desk.
  • The curious cat sat by the window, staring intently at the birds chirping outside.
  • As the actor performed on stage, the audience was captivated, unable to do anything but stare in awe.
  • Feeling uneasy, Jane noticed a stranger staring at her from across the crowded room.
  • Why are you staring at me?

Steer – Meaning and Example Sentences

Definition: To steer means to guide or control the direction of a vehicle, animal, or object, typically using a steering mechanism.

Usage: This term is commonly used when talking about driving a car, navigating a boat, or controlling any vehicle or object in motion.

Example sentences with STEER:

He had to steer the boat carefully through the narrow canal.

  • Sarah learned how to steer a boat during her summer vacation, navigating through the calm waters of the lake.
  • The experienced truck driver had to steer the large vehicle through the winding mountain roads.
  • Tim took the reins and tried to steer the horse in the right direction.
  • As the car approached a sharp turn, the driver had to quickly steer to avoid colliding with the oncoming traffic.
  • The pilot had to skillfully steer the airplane through turbulent weather conditions, ensuring a smooth landing.

Quick Summary

In summary, “stare” is related to looking fixedly at something, while “steer” is related to guiding or controlling the direction of a vehicle or object.

You can see the IPA pronunciation of stare and steer in the video (British English and American English pronunciation).

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