🦃 Thanksgiving Day with 4 English Teachers 🦃


4 ENGLISH TEACHERS will have a Natural English Conversation about Thanksgiving Day 🔴 LIVE on YouTube.
You can see your LOCAL TIME in the countdown on the video if you want to join us LIVE.

In this LIVE English lesson, Rob will be accompanied by three awesome teachers (Anne, Beverly, and Brenda) to talk about Thanksgiving Day.

Some of the topics we will talk about include:
🦃 What is Thanksgiving Day?
🦃 What is some typical food you eat on this day?
🦃 What are some typical Thanksgiving Day traditions?
🦃 Have you had any interesting experiences during Thanksgiving?
🦃 What are you thankful for?

There will most likely be a lot of new English vocabulary and phrases said in this relaxed and natural conversation so be prepared to learn a lot!

Viewers in the chat can also ask questions about Thanksgiving and we will choose some of the best ones.
Oh, and be warned … Rob will have some terrible Thanksgiving jokes.

You can find out more about our wonderful guests here:

Anne: youtube.com/@laenglishtutorvideos & instagram.com/laenglishtutor
Beverly: youtube.com/@milesandcoffee & instagram.com/milesandcoffee1/
Brenda: instagram.com/brendalachman/

Thanksgiving Day - 4 English teachers have a natural conversation about Thanksgiving Day

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