English Idioms and Slang

To lose track of time

= to forget the time and sometimes be late for something because of it. This is usually because you are so busy or involved in what you are currently doing.

  • Sorry I’m late! I completely lost track of time.
  • You should remind Sally to be punctual, she always loses track of time.

Lose = to not be able to find something
Track = a course (or path) taken by something (in this example)
Caught (the past tense of catch) = to grab and retain something elusive

To Lose track of Time is similar to…

To get caught up (in something)

= when something holds your attention which causes you to be late

  • They’re going to be late, they got caught up at work.
  • Can we change our dinner reservation for later? I got caught up in cleaning!


When have you lost track of time? Why?
When have you got caught up in something? Was it good or bad?



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