This will be the first ever Woodward English Show … yes show number 1.

What exactly happens during the Woodward English Show?

Well, during an hour YOU are going to learn English in a fun way and since it is LIVE from New Zealand, anything can happen!

AND… if you join us LIVE for this show … later you will be able to say to everyone β€œYES, I was there for the first ever episode.”

The Woodward English show is aimed at adults … both adults learning English OR those who are teaching English and I recommend having at least an intermediate level of English.

ENGLISH TEACHERS: If you would like to show or recommend the Woodward English Show to your students, I recommend watching it first to see if it is appropriate for them. I have a sense of humour that may not always be appropriate for the classroom.

Today’s topic is: NATURAL DISASTERS! 🌋

Today we are going to:

  • learn English vocabulary about natural disasters
  • learn typical words associated with natural disasters
  • learn some phrasal verbs and idioms
  • practice listening and reading
  • hear a joke … try not to laugh … or cringe!
  • have a conversation about experiences with natural disasters
  • have a moment for inspiration / motivation
  • do a quick quiz
  • and MORE!
Natural Disasters - Woodward English Show 1 - Live English Lesson on YouTube

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