Word order of Adjectives before a Noun

We have created a new Grammar Page about the most common order of Adjectives before a noun.

Why do I say the most common order?

Because there seems to be no fixed, definitive order for adjectives when they appear before a noun. The information we have compiled on that page, which was then used for creating our chart, is based on the most frequent occurrences.

And … (drum roll) … here’s the chart:
Word order of Adjectives before a Noun in English
So, let it be known from here to the end of eternity that this will now be the OFFICIAL correct version … just kidding 🙂

Now, back to the boring stuff…

On that new page you will find an explanation of each of the types of Adjectives that go before a noun.

We also have a very simple game to practice the order of adjectives before a noun.

We will create a more difficult game when we have time.

Have a great day!



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