Something that I have been doing for over 4 years is publishing a simple ESOL quiz every week where English students of all levels can practice their English.

This is a multiple-choice quiz where a sentence or question has a word or some words missing from it.

Students need to choose one of the four alternatives that can be used to complete the blank space.

The quiz is usually published every Monday on all of our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.) and many learners of English leave their answers in the comments section under the quiz.

Sometimes the quiz will be about grammar (common mistakes), sometimes about specific vocabulary and collocations or even about phrasal verbs. Sometimes the quiz is for a basic level, other times for a higher intermediate level.

Where are the answers for the Woodward English quiz?

A question I frequently get asked every time is “What is the answer?”

Well, if you look carefully in the bottom right corner of each quiz, you will see something written faintly.

It says Answer: X … with X being the letter of the correct answer.

Woodward English Quiz Answers

Sometimes within the comments of each post, teachers (or even students) explain the reason a certain answer is correct.

For Woodward FRIENDS members, I have started to create a simple explanation about why a certain answer is correct and why the others are not. This explanation appears in a short video where I (Rob W) appear in person. When I can, I link to a page or a video that helps explains that topic (for example For vs. Since, or Countable and Uncountable nouns).

English Teacher Ideas

Teachers are welcome to use these quizzes with their students (and parents with their children). You can either download the image and print it out, you could project the quiz onto a board or on a screen, or you can recommend that the students do each quiz for homework. Yes, the answer may appear faintly in the corner but you can get students to explain WHY they chose their answer to make it more “interesting”.

I also a version where the answers do NOT appear in the bottom corner that are available here:

Woodward English Quiz Task Cards - Set 1 - Questions 1-100

Coming soon: Woodward English Quiz Set 2 (Quiz 101-200)

I hope you continue to find my quizzes useful.

Have an awesome day!
Rob Woodward

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