Woodward English Quiz – Task Cards – Set 1


English Grammar and Vocabulary Quiz Task Cards by Woodward English – ESOL Teacher Resource.


Woodward English Quiz – ESOL Task Cards

The objective of these tasks cards is for English learners (ESOL) at an intermediate level to practice and improve their English.

Each task card is a multiple-choice quiz where a sentence or question has a word or some words missing from it. Students need to choose one of four options available to correctly complete the blank space and write their answer on an answer sheet.

There are 100 different quizzes which cover topics such as: do vs. make, prepositions, countable and uncountable nouns, some/any, much/many, tenses (present, past, perfect), homophones, common mistakes (your vs. you’re), adjective word order, comparatives/superlatives, articles, for vs. since, collocations, phrasal verbs, general vocabulary, and more.

A teacher answer key has been created which can also be used by students to check their own work. This makes it ideal as a literary center activity.

You can see all of the questions in this set by looking at each individual quiz on our social media accounts (there is an entire board on pinterest called English Quiz). This set contains Woodward English Quizzes numbered 1 to 100. The difference with the quizzes in THIS resource is that the answers do NOT appear in the bottom right corner and our website addresses don’t appear at the bottom (as they do on social media). Also, this resource contains blank answer sheets for students and an answer key for teachers/students.

I have made it easier for teachers to print with 6 quizzes per page (surrounded by dotted lines for cutting). Another alternative is to project one quiz a day on the board and ask students WHY a certain answer is correct. Doing so will give you 20 weeks worth of activity.

CONTENT: This resource contains 26 Pages:

  • English Quiz Task cards – 6 per page – (17 pages)
  • Student Answer Sheets – (3 pages)
  • Question List for teachers – (3 pages)
  • Teacher Answers – (3 pages)

LEVEL: Intermediate (CEFR – B1 Level)
AGE: 9+
Format: .PDF

Tarjetas de selección múltiple (u opción múltiple) para practicar gramática y vocabulario en inglés – 100 preguntas.

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