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Community carnival vocabulary on a pamphlet - Real-life English

Community Carnival Vocabulary

I was given a pamphlet last week about a community carnival in a part of Auckland, New Zealand. I noticed there was a lot of interesting vocabulary about fairs, in this case called a carnival, so I thought I would create a chart about it. This is an example of English that you may encounter […]

The meaning of the English Idiom: Has the cat got your tongue?

Cat got your tongue?

Cat got your tongue? This is a shortened way of saying: Has the cat got your tongue? This idiom can mean the following: Have you nothing to say? Why are you not talking? Why are you not saying anything? Why don’t you answer me? The idiom is used to compel someone to speak, say something, […]

It's raining cats and dogs - English idiom meaning

It’s raining cats and dogs

You may have heard the expression “It’s raining cats and dogs” and wondered what it means. When someone uses this English idiom, it means that it is raining very heavily. That there is a downpour (heavy rain). Oh course it has nothing to do with cats, dogs or any other animal falling from the sky. […]