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TO BE with Nationality and Country

To Be with Nationality and Country

Here is a new chart for students that have just started learning English. One of the first things you learn (after “my name is…”) is usually saying where you are from. My name is… I am from … Well, here is a simple chart showing the structure of this sentence using TO BE with FROM […]

The difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain (as well as the British Isles)

Difference between United Kingdom and Great Britain

The other day I was asked what the difference is between United Kingdom and Great Britain and honestly, not being from that part of the world (I’m from New Zealand) I had no idea! So of course, I don’t like to “not know” things so I investigated. The result of my investigation led me to make […]

A joke in English about the nationality of Santa Claus

Nationality of Santa Claus

English Vocabulary The North Pole = the northernmost point on Earth (also the home of Santa Claus) Polish = the name of the people from Poland Santa Claus = the man with a white beard and a red suit that delivers Christmas presents The Joke Question: What nationality is Santa Claus? Answer: North Polish. Why is […]

Strangers vs Foreigners

Strangers or Foreigners Common mistake “There were many strangers at the hostel. It was great to meet so many new people.” Strangers = people you have never met, seen or talked to. To call someone a stranger is not particularly friendly. e.g. “Call the police! There’s a stranger walking around in our garden!” Foreigners = […]