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The difference between FOR and SINCE in English

For vs Since

I have just created a NEW CHART about the difference between FOR and SINCE in English: More details about this difference, see out grammar notes here: http://www.grammar.cl/Notes/For_Since.htm (On that grammar page we also have a PDF with exercises you can complete) Once you have read the notes, try our game: http://www.grammar.cl/Games/For_Since.htm I hope you find this useful.

The difference between TO, TOO and TWO in English - Meanings and Example sentences

To, Too or Two

  To, Too and Two are three words that native English speakers sometimes spell incorrectly when writing. WHY? Because these three words are Homophones. A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning, and may differ in spelling. So To, Too and Two are pronounced the same though […]

The difference between All right and Alright in English.

All right vs. Alright

A common doubt that even native English speakers have is whether to write All right (two words) or Alright (one word). What is the difference between All right and Alright? All right (adjective/adverb): in a satisfactory manner but not especially good; acceptable; suitable I was a little worried though everything turned out all right in […]

The difference between Do, Does, Did and Done in English - Grammar Chart

Do, Does, Did, Done – The difference

A teacher on our Facebook page asked if we had any charts about the difference between Do, Does, Did and Done. Well, we didn’t so I decided to make a couple and then got carried away and created some grammar pages and games to accompany them too. Here they are: Making questions with DO and DOES […]

The difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain (as well as the British Isles)

Difference between United Kingdom and Great Britain

The other day I was asked what the difference is between United Kingdom and Great Britain and honestly, not being from that part of the world (I’m from New Zealand) I had no idea! So of course, I don’t like to “not know” things so I investigated. The result of my investigation led me to make […]

The difference between House and Home in English

House vs Home difference

The difference between HOUSE and HOME Something that confuses people learning English is the difference between HOUSE and HOME A HOUSE is the BUILDING where the majority of people live. It normally has bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a dining room. A HOME is a PLACE where someone lives. Normally it […]

Common Mistakes in English

Landscape vs Scenery difference

Landscape vs Scenery difference When people describe the outdoors they sometimes use landscape and scenery incorrectly. We use the word landscape to talk about the view or a large expanse of a particular area and how it is arranged or positioned. We can also use the term urban landscape to talk about the same thing […]