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The meaning of the English idiom - Under the Weather - with example sentences.

Under the weather – idiom

The meaning of under the weather When someone is under the weather, it means that the person: is slightly ill. feels a little sick. doesn’t feel well. Sometimes the person’s (body) defences are low and they feel tired or exhausted too. Under the weather can also refer to a person being intoxicated or even a little sad or depressed. […]

Woodward English Quote

Happy man in a happy place

The Quote “It is impossible for a man to be made happy by putting him in a happy place, unless he be first in a happy state.” Benjamin Whichcote (1609-1683), English philosopher and theologian VOCABULARY Unless = except if State = the condition of a person or thing Thoughts on the Quote Often when we […]

English Idioms and Slang

Over the moon – Idiom

I’m over the moon! To be over the moon = to be extremely happy It’s a four-day weekend, and I found money in the street! I’m over the moon right now. I got the job! I’m over the moon! VOCABULARY Moon = the large natural satellite which orbits the earth, most commonly seen at night. […]