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Learn English on Periscope - Woodward English

Learn English on Periscope

Something that I have heard about, though pretty much ignored the last months, is a relatively “new” app called Periscope (it is only been around about a year). It is owned by Twitter. I love languages so I thought I would check it out to see if it would be of any use helping me […]

The pronunciation of ED at the end of words in English - Past Tense, Past Participles and Adjectives.

ED Pronunciation in English

In English there are many words that end in ED. There are the regular verbs in past tense that end in ED (like wanted, looked and cleaned etc.), there are regular past participles that end in ED (needed, watched, used etc.), and there are also adjectives that end in ED (e.g. shocked, bored etc.). However, did […]

Parts of the Body in English - Vocabulary Chart

Parts of the Body in English Video

We have a new video to help you learn English about Parts of the Body. Parts of the Body in English The names of parts of the body in English with the pronunciation of each one. We show where each body part is on a picture. The parts of the body that appear in this […]

Advanced English

Redundant Letters

Redundant Letters One of the most difficult things in English is spelling and pronunciation. Because English is a mish mash of Latin, Old English, French, German, Greek… in fact every language in Europe. There are a lot of odd spellings for words which originated from other languages. As the pronunciation of these has become more […]

Advanced English


Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia is more than just a fun word to say (it’s pronounced On – Na – Mat – Oh – Pee – Ah), it’s the name given to words that are pronounced like the noise they describe. For example, when someone gets in your way while driving your car you might honk your horn. […]

Business or Busyness

Business or Busyness

Business OR Busyness A common mistake amongst English students is the spelling of Business. Bussyness, bizness, buziness, bussiness and bussnis are just some of the spellings I’ve seen! To remember, think – business is full of busy-ness (busi-ness)! Busy = have a lot to do, occupied with many things. Of course it’s spelt nothing like […]

Desert the dessert in the desert

Desert the dessert in the desert

Desert the dessert in the desert! Desert can be a verb and a noun though with two completely different meanings. To Desert means to leave without intending to return. It can also mean to abandon. A Desert is a dry place which receives very little rainfall. The verb is pronounced with the stress on ‘sert’- […]