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Adverbs of Frequency Summary Chart - (Indefinite Frequency)

Adverbs of Frequency – New Charts and Videos

I have just created two new videos about Adverbs of Frequency. One is about Adverbs of INDEFINITE Frequency such as always, usually, normally, generally, often, frequently, sometimes, occasionally, seldom, hardly ever, rarely and never. The second video is about Adverbs of DEFINITE Frequency such as once a week, three times a year, daily, every two […]

AT, ON, IN with parts of the day - Prepositions of Time in English.

AT ON IN with Parts of the Day

I am currently working on our next video about prepositions of time AT, ON and IN. We already have a page with grammar notes about these prepositions of time, though I noticed the chart that is there was one of the first ones that I created… which means it is a little outdated and without the […]

Telling the time in English

Telling the time in English

We have some new material for you about learning how to tell the time in English. First we have this video Here is a summary chart for your reference: You can find more details about telling the time here: How to tell the time in English Once you have seen the video and/or read our […]

The difference between Every day and All day in English

All day vs. Every day vs. Everyday

We have new charts for you covering two common mistakes in English. The first chart explains when to use Every day instead of All day. The second chart explains the difference between Every day (two words) and Everyday (one word). Don’t worry, this is also a common mistake for native speakers of English NOTE: They […]

English Idioms and Slang

In the nick of time

In the nick of time = Just in time = almost too late for something, with no time to spare. We arrived at the airport and boarded our plane in the nick of time. I finished the last question in the test in the nick of time nick = a small cut (or piece of […]

To lose track of time

To lose track of time = to forget the time and sometimes be late for something because of it. This is usually because you are so busy or involved in what you are currently doing. Sorry I’m late! I completely lost track of time. You should remind Sally to be punctual, she always loses track […]