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The difference between Profession and Occupation in English.

The difference between Profession and Occupation

The difference between Occupation and Profession in English Profession Requires a degree or completed studies at a university (or higher education). It involves extensive training and special knowledge. Examples of professions are accountants, architects, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers. Notice how you need a degree (higher education) to be able to work in these professions. Occupation […]

Professions, Jobs and Occupations in English

Professions, Occupations and Jobs

Below is another chart we have created, this time about different Jobs, Professions and Occupations. One activity you can do using this chart is say what a person does in each profession. You can do this by asking the question What does a/an X do? For example: What does a lawyer do? – A lawyer […]

Daily Routines in English

Daily Routines Cartoon

Here is a new chart we have created showing different things people do as a part of their daily routine. For more vocabulary about Daily Routines, check out: Daily Routines in English We have a version of this chart that can be used in classrooms. It includes individual charts/flash cards for each activity: Daily Routines […]