Level 1 Lesson 5

English Course – Level 1 – Lesson 5

He – She

  • I
  • You
  • We
  • They

  • He
  • She
He and She - English Subject Pronouns

Speak – Speaks

  • I speak English.
  • You speak English.
  • We speak English.
  • They speak English.

  • He speaks English.
  • She speaks English.

He speak English. ❌

He speaks English. ✅

  • I speak Spanish.
  • You speak Spanish.
  • We speak Spanish.
  • They speak Spanish.

  • He speaks Spanish.
  • She speaks Spanish.

She speak Spanish. ❌

She speaks Spanish. ✅

Speak ? Speaks ?

I ___ Italian.

I speak Italian.

You ___ Spanish.

You speak Spanish.

He ___ French.

He speaks French.

We ___ Arabic.

We speak Arabic.

They ___ Portuguese.

They speak Portuguese.

She ___ Japanese.

She speaks Japanese.

Live – Lives

  • I live in London.
  • You live in London.
  • We live in London.
  • They live in London.

  • He lives in London.
  • She lives in London.

He live in London. ❌

He lives in London. ✅

  • I live in Paris.
  • You live in Paris.
  • We live in Paris.
  • They live in Paris.

  • He lives in Paris.
  • She lives in Paris.

She live in Paris. ❌

She lives in Paris. ✅

Live ? Lives ?

We ___ in Rome.

We live in Rome.

She ___ in France.

She lives in France.

They ___ in Berlin.

They live in Berlin.

You ___ in Madrid.

You live in Madrid.

He ___ in Egypt.

He lives in Egypt.

I ___ in Australia.

I live in Australia.

Speak Speaks - English Present Simple Tense - Learn English with Woodward English
Live Lives - English Present Simple Tense - I live in London - He lives in London

live / lives – speak / speaks

  • I live in London and I speak English.
  • He lives in London and he speaks English.

  • You live in Madrid and you speak Spanish.
  • She lives in Madrid and she speaks Spanish.

  • We live in Sydney and we speak English.
  • He lives in Sydney and he speaks English.

  • They live in Rome and they speak Italian.
  • She lives in Rome and she speaks Italian.

  • I live in Paris and I speak French.
  • He lives in Paris and he speaks French.

  • You live in Cairo and you speak Arabic.
  • She lives in Cairo and she speaks Arabic.

  • We live in Berlin and we speak German.
  • He lives in Berlin and he speaks German.

  • They live in Tokyo and they speak Japanese.
  • She lives in Tokyo and she speaks Japanese.

For Spanish speakers (Para hispanohablantes)

Puedes ver esta lección de inglés con explicaciones en español aquí: PRONTO
(Translation: You can see this lesson explained in Spanish here)

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