English Course

Free Online English Course by Woodward English

Free English Course

by Woodward English

Woodward English has created this free online English course that is open to anyone around the world.
This course helps ESOL / ELL students learn English from a Basic level to a more Advanced level.

Most of our English lessons have a video so you can hear the pronunciation of words and phrases by a native English speaker.

English teachers are welcome to refer their students to individual lessons or recommend the entire course as an additional resource for their own course.

You will notice there are two main sections:

SECTION 1: The first section is a Basic English course which is divided into levels and lessons. It starts at an absolute beginner level for those who have never had any English lessons and are starting from zero. There is continuity from one lesson to the next.

NOTE: This course is a work in progress and I will add a new lesson ever week in 2023.
We also have a version of this beginner course with explanations and different activities for SPANISH speakers here: Curso de Inglés

SECTION 2: The second section contains grammar and vocabulary topics as a reference guide.

NOTE: This course is a work in progress and I will add new lessons over time.

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