PUT UP – phrasal verb – meanings and examples

The English phrasal verb PUT UP has the following meanings:

1. Put up = to provide temporary accommodation

(transitive) When someone is given a place to stay for a night or a few nights. To stay somewhere for the night. A Synonym is accommodate.

  • My boss put me up in a hotel while I was attending the conference.
  • It was very nice of Gary to put me up while I was visiting the city.
  • Could you put us up for the weekend if we come to visit?

2. Put up = to raise or increase something

(transitive) To raise something, increase the price of something or put something in a higher position.

  • The banks put up their interest rates last week.
  • The local supermarket has put up the price of milk again.
  • If you would like to give an answer, then please put your hand up first.

3. Put up = to build a structure

(transitive) To build or erect a structure or similar.

  • Our neighbor put up a new fence between our houses.
  • A house is being put up on the empty lot across the road.
  • The police put up barricades in the streets.
  • In our family, we put our Christmas tree up on the first day of December.

4. Put up = to place something on a wall

(transitive) To attach or place something on a vertical structure such as a wall. Often it is a notice or a sign that is put up.

  • She put the new poster up on the her bedroom wall.
  • The teacher put our exam results up on the noticeboard.
  • The city council put up new signs to stop people from parking in the area.

5. Put up = to make an effort to achieve or prevent something

(transitive) To try to achieve something or prevent something from happening.

  • When the robbers entered the shop, the owner put up little resistance.
  • He put up a good fight to stop you from getting fired.

Put up – Summary Chart

PUT UP - Meanings and examples of the English Phrasal Verb PUT UP

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