Raise vs. Rise – What is the difference?

Raise and Rise are similar in that they both mean that something is increasing or going up.
Something moves to a higher position.
However, there is a difference.


Present tense: raise
Past tense: raised
Past Participle: raised

Raise is a transitive verb which means it needs an object.
Raise + object
Someone/Something raises something to a higher position.

  • Sarah knew the answer so she raised her hand.

What did Sarah do?
Sarah moved her hand to a higher position.

Let’s look at some more example sentences:

  • The company has raised their prices to cover the new tax.
  • The guard raised the barrier for me.
  • They raised a white flag to surrender.
  • The bank has raised their interest rate.


Present tense: rise
Past tense: rose
Past Participle: risen

Rise is an intransitive verb which means it doesn’t have an object after it.
It refers to the action of going up by itself.

  • Inflation rose by one percent last month.
  • The cost of living rose by 5% last year.
  • Thick smoke was rising from the fire.
  • I’m sure prices will rise over the next months.

Raise vs. Rise Comparison

Compare these two sentences:

  • Our landlord raised our rent last month.
  • Rents in our city have risen considerably this year.

Raise vs. Rise - The difference between raise and rise in English

More meanings of RAISE

RAISE has more than one meaning. Let’s look at some other meanings of RAISE.

Raise = to increase the amount of something

  • The government has raised the income tax rate for everyone.
  • The campaign hopes to raise awareness about mental health.

Raise + money = to collect money

  • They are raising money for charity.
  • We raised $50,000 for the children’s hospital.

Raise = to improve

  • We need to raise our level if we want to win.
  • They have raised their standards since the bad review.

Raise = to bring up a child
This means to take care of a child until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

  • Every parent raises their children in their own way.
  • We were raised to always respect others.

Raise = to mention something so people will discuss it.

  • You have raised some interesting points.
  • You should raise the issue with your manager.

Raise - meanings and example sentences in English

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