Table Settings – Vocabulary

Basic Table Setting Items – English Vocabulary Lesson

Table Setting Items

There are items that are generally on the table when you have breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Here is a list of common items of a basic table setting:

  • cup
  • fork
  • glass
  • knife – (The plural of knife is knives)
  • napkin
  • placemat
  • plate
  • saucer – (a small plate for a cup. You put your cup on a saucer)
  • spoon
  • teaspoon – (A teaspoon is smaller than a spoon)

There are more items that can be added to this list including different types of forks and types of glasses though this will be explained in another lesson about formal table settings. The list of items in this lesson are the essential words you need to know.

What is Cutlery?

Cutlery is a collective noun. Cutlery refers to the collective name of knives, forks and spoons considered together.
Knives + forks + spoons + teaspoons = cutlery

Also note the order when we say knives and forks. The word knives is before the word forks. We don’t say forks and knives (in that order) because it sounds strange.
Table Setting - Basic English Vocabulary

Set the table

Set the table means to place the items for eating (cutlery, plates, etc.) on the table in their correct position.

  • Can you set the table please?
  • I set the table for six people.

Set the table meaning in English with example sentences.

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