DO vs. MAKE – English Task Cards


ESL/ELL Task cards to practice the difference between DO and MAKE in English.


DO vs. MAKE – ESL/ELL Task Cards

32 multiple choice task cards to learn the difference between DO and MAKE in English.

We use a variety of tenses and include the following conjugations of these two verbs: do, does, did, done, doing, make, makes, made, making

There is an answer sheet for students as well as an answer key where students can check their own responses.

See our video on YouTube to complement this topic: DO vs. MAKE (Suitable for the classroom)

CONTENT: This resource contains 10 Pages:

  • DO vs. MAKE – Task Cards (8 pages)
  • Student Answer Sheet (1 page)
  • Answers for Teachers (1 page)

LEVEL: Intermediate (CEFR – B1 Level)
AGE: 10+
Format: .PDF

Tarjetas para practicar la diferencia entre DO y MAKE en inglés.

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