Feelings and Emotions – English Conversation Questions – How would you feel if …?


English Conversation Questions about Feelings and Emotions
How would you feel if …?


This ESOL resource contains 50 conversation questions about feelings and emotions.
All the questions begin with: How would you feel if …?
There are fifty different situations where students have to say how they would feel in that situation.

NOTE: These questions are intended for ADULT ESOL learners (at least at an intermediate level) though most of the questions are suitable for teenagers. You can always remove or not use some of the cards that are not age appropriate.

There are MANY ways these conversation questions can be used in the ESOL classroom. Ideally you would laminate these question cards so they can be used over and over again.
One way to use these conversation questions is by giving each student a card.
They should then get up from their desks and find a partner. Students take turns asking and answering the questions on the cards with their partner. Once finished, they should exchange cards and find another partner to repeat the same activity.
This is a great tool for working on English conversation skills.
There are 50 questions so you could use one or two a week either as a speaking activity or as writing prompts.
These cards can also be used as warm-ups at the beginning of a class.

Example Conversation Questions are:
➡️ How would you feel if you lost your wallet with all your money and important cards?
➡️ How would you feel if you were asked to perform on stage in front of a large audience?
➡️ How would you feel if you met your favorite celebrity in person?
➡️ How would you feel if someone crashed into your parked car and didn’t leave a note?
➡️ How would you feel if your boss won the lottery?
➡️ How would you feel if your long-lost pet suddenly came back home?
➡️ How would you feel if your partner forgot your anniversary?
➡️ How would you feel if you were stuck in an elevator with a group of strangers for hours?


We have included a list of all questions that appear on the cards on two pages (25 questions per page) that the teacher can use for reference.
There are TWO versions of the Question cards:

  1. Full-color version – the speech bubble is filled with a red to orange gradient
  2. Printer-friendly version – the speech bubble has black text on a white background

(See can see the design of both versions in the preview)
There are 6 question cards per page. They are surrounded by dotted cutting lines.

The Printable PDF Version of this resource includes:

  • List of Questions – (2 pages)
  • Question Cards – Gradient color Fill – (9 pages)
  • Question Cards – White Fill – (9 pages)


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Have an awesome day!
– Rob W.

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